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2K Members to attend Adroits LAN
23rd of September 2012

The Adroits QuakeLive LAN is the next big event in the calendar.

Forming one of the teams representing Germany are k1llsen, Yellack, Twister and Ouze in the battle over the Nations TDM World Cup!

Good luck to everyone attending and we hope to see you there for what should be, some epic competition.

Behind the scenes - Part 1 - Blaze
20th of May 2012

As most interviews are with pro players and we know little about the background of organizations and events, I decided to start a 'Behind the Scenes' Interview Series.

Part one features our fellow DreamHack admin: blaze.

Hope you enjoy.

:: Read Interview
Sinister Presentation Video
30th of April 2012
2K's first Duel map 'Sinister' has finally hit the end of the production line, with a guided walkthrough, courtesy of Yellack and brief botmatch demonstration by winz.

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Limbus Presentation Video
25th of February 2012
We felt like its time for a new 'Quad only' Map with a classic layout. Red Armor with a RailGun near by, against two Yellow Armors with LightningGun and the Megahealth pretty much in the middle of the two main areas.

:: View Video
derQuaker Interviews Yellack
10th of December 2011
After finisching 4th Place in the Dreamhack TDM Tournament, Yellack from 2K.Clan give us his thoughts about Quakelive, Dreamhack and map building. Read the interview!
Dreamhack Winter 2011
18th of November 2011
2K Teams up with ESC and will attend at the TDM Tournament at Dreamhack Winter 2011 in Sweden. Lineup: Yellack, Jaw, gda, Reload, k1llsen o/
New 2K Map!
21st of August 2011
We finished our first QL Duel Map named Sinister. If it works out as good as it looks it will be a burner! :D
Check out the screens in the maps section.
Purgatory @ Dreamhack
8th of February 2011
We are very proud to see Purgatory beeing picked as one of the core maps at this years Dreamhack Summer Lan.

As announced previously, the DreamHack Summer 2011 will feature a TDM 4v4 tournament. So far the rules and format are still unknown and the admins are looking into TDM maps to build their maplist. The goal would be to have 7 maps in the pool, with Grim Dungeons (dm14), Purgatory and Deep Inside (osp5) as the 3 core maps.
Shout outs
4th of February 2011

As 2K is alive since 10 Years now, I feel like its time to thank some people!

First of all, many thanks to Zelig, for beeing with me since day one. Much respect and I <3 you my friend. Lets do another 10!

2) akm - about 8 years with me. Helped me and the clan, all the time with all sorts of stuff, creating this website and of course, the awesome maps we did. akm ftw, you pwn!

3) Jaw - With me since QL, always reliable and just a good guy in general, keep it up brothaaaa!4) Your name aint in the list? WELL FU THEN!!!! :D;D:D Nah, limited space is my excuse :> Love you all!

10 Years 2K!
2nd of February 2011
2K turned 10 in December 2010! Crazy shiaat innit!? :> Currently planning to celebrate it with a proper TDM Cup with prizemoneyz, stay tuned!
Full Tilt Poker QL Cup
2nd of January 2011
2K and 2K2 will participate in the Full Tilt Poker QL Cup! Take a break from fragging and play online poker with your teammates
nearly a year without post..
12th of September 2010
.. but we werent lazy! Our TDM map Purgatory made it finally into QL and we are happy that it got included to all cup-mappools. We already finished our 2nd TDM map Limbus. More infos about that soon.
Happy New Year!
1st of January 2010
May your dreams come true in 2010! The Alphabear
Been some time..
26th of October 2009
..and quite alot of things happend. I decided to split the teams which works out pretty well at the moment. Both Teams are small and active and equally skilled. Very nice BigBearFamily at the moment, really hope it stays like that :> 2K Blue = Yell, Rille, HMR, Zlobb, Rob 2K Red = Akm, Zelig, Vanity, Focuz, Cree, Zopp
2K QLTDM Map out now!
12th of October 2009
Check out our new map 'Purgatory' http://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=1765740
24th of September 2009
Zlobb joins 2K, no need to mention where he's from I guess.. :D Welcome in!
16th of September 2009
It sadly didnt work out with Zoppy anymore, good luck wherever you go cookiemonster! Swedish Rush joins 2K. Welcome!
12th of September 2009
Fragma and Fap left 2K cause their old team eS reformed. Swedish hmr joins 2K. Welcome!
4th of September 2009
2K are the winners of Kuh3liga Summer League Division 2a. Hooray!
New Leagues
4th of September 2009
2K signed up for the Clanbase OpenCup Fall 2009 and a Knockout TDM Cup by Spontangames.
ESL TDM Summer Cup
4th of September 2009
2K finished #3 in the ESL TDM Summer Cup, Division 1, Group D
3rd Place in Clanbase, Div.3
27th of August 2009
2K has beaten ION in the last game of the Clanbase Summer Cup and ends up on rank 3, after Viruz and U! (While 2K has beaten U! 2-0 :>)
15th of August 2009
Nice start for 2K in the KL TDM SummerCup. Beaten Team Reign and e-violence without a map loss. GG's
ESL TDM Summer Cup
10th of August 2009
Got raped by nfinity on DM6 & DM7, Division 1. Not much more to say :D
Clanbase Playoff #2
29th of July 2009
Clan Viruz ends the winning streak :/ Lost a very close and I'd say unlucky DM6 (146-148) and got kinda schooled on DM14. Oh well... GG anyway.
New Cups
20th of July 2009
2K signed up for the Kuh3liga TDM Summer Cup and also the ESL TDM Summer Cup. Guess we wont see the sun much this summer.. :S
Clanbase Playoff #1
17th of July 2009
Clan gr8 didnt have 4 Players, so we won by default... oh well..
New Player
9th of July 2009
The massive Trailer is parked in the 2K garage now!!! :D Welcome in mate, glad to have another player with the insane dreamcast sk1llz! ;D
Bye Bye
8th of July 2009
Removed Azer from our list cause of inactivity, looks like he didnt like it too much ;D Oh well..
Clanbase #4
26th of June 2009
2K finish their group on first place! Sadly Clan Onis didnt show up for the last Groupgame. Playoffs ftw!
Clanbase #3
23rd of June 2009
2K did it again! 2:0 win vs Virtual Owners, while 2nd map, dm14, been very exiting and ended with a close 81-80 win. :) WP Guys!
New Player
23rd of June 2009
I'm happy to announce that lej has joined 2K. That makes 3 active and 1 inactive swedish players, omg omg! Not recruting anymore, unless his name is fox or tox ;D
Clanbase #2
15th of June 2009
Second game, second win. 2K won quite comfortable vs swedish clan sh. Maps: QZDM20 & QZDM6. GG everyone!
Welcome home Fragma!
10th of June 2009
Yes i said home! Some of you might not know but Fragma has been with 2K in the dreamcast days and also at the start of PC Q3. Welcome back brother!
9th of June 2009
2K won their first CLanbase match of the season vs the Spanish Clan U, both maps were played on QZDM6. GG everyone!
19th of May 2009
2K signed up for the ClanBase QL TDM Cup.
19th of May 2009
German Player Fabe is currently trialing for the 2K Squad. Good Luck!
18th of May 2009
to our new home! Thanks alot to akm for creating it, my bro for the design and light for the host! Love you guys! <3
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