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HoQ TDM Season 2 - Division 2
vsMap 1ScoreMap 2ScoreMap 3ScoreResult

dotsPurgatory157-104 Dreadful136-180HiddenFort 124-204loss

Dreamhack Winter 2011
vsMap 1ScoreMap 2ScoreMap 3ScoreResult

FFAPurgatory130-139 DeepInside163-111Dreadful 184-129win

OnFirePurgatory141-143 DeepInside156-107HiddenFort 173-167win

deliberate murderGrimDungeo156-70 DeepInside198-54 win

300DeepInside72-163 Purgatory127-185 loss

tRainspottingHiddenFort173-196 Purgatory138-144 loss

ESL TDM Autumn Cup 2011 - Div. 1
vsMap 1ScoreMap 2ScoreMap 3ScoreResult

nEuPurgatory140-149 DeepInside82-158 loss

iPHiddenFort155-209 Purgatory125-133 loss

xentoriumDeepInside127-178 Purgatory123-114 draw

ProctDeepInside101-137 Purgatory135-113 draw

sittoHiddenFort174-237 Purgatory158-146 draw

Clanbase Eurocup XXIV
vsMap 1ScoreMap 2ScoreMap 3ScoreResult

xentoriumDreadful140-122 Purgatory102-188DeepInside 97-120loss

4KPurgatory108-152 GrimDungeo91-184 loss

EKFortress159-184 Dreadful135-167 loss

PoQ QualifierPurgatory190-120 GrimDungeo193-120 win

ProctPurgatory111-154 DeepInside89-146 loss

OnFirePurgatory124-126 DeepInside102-136 loss

HoQ TDM 4v4 - Division 2
vsMap 1ScoreMap 2ScoreMap 3ScoreResult

play.q2Dreadful186-133 Purgatory156-128 win

qahPurgatory163-138 Fortress219-184 win

OnFirePurgatory174-147 DeepInside118-125 draw

2K2no show no show win

Creme BruleeDreadful 132-135 Purgatory152-133 draw

[tt]no show no show win

PoQPurgatory179-122 GrimDungeo160-144 win

kokono show no show win

Kuh3liga QLTDM 4v4 Premiership
vsMap 1ScoreMap 2ScoreMap 3ScoreResult

RewindPurgatory115-122 SteelRats116-128 loss

DeathReignPurgatory93-128 SteelRats119-169 loss

XentoriumInterventi93-159 Dreadful99-190 loss

e-violenceInterventi109-104 Purgatory121-92 win

ashlenInterventi116-147 DeepInside94-124 loss

Clanbase Quake Live TDM OC Fall 2010
vsMap 1ScoreMap 2ScoreMap 3ScoreResult

vOCampground136-121 Dreadful155-114 win

fxDeepInside95-81 Dreadful132-116 win

7th Artno show no show win

ashlenDeepInside92-111 Dreadful119-110Interventi 159-85win

JBInterventi107-120 DeepInside83-106 loss

Kuh3liga QL TDM 4on4 - Division 1
vsMap 1ScoreMap 2ScoreMap 3ScoreResult

r2LQZDM1473-82 QZDM1478-152 loss

RewindQZDM1492-84 QZDM1468-134 draw

Verde DistritoQZDM1478-84 QZDM7140-91 draw

Clanbase Quake Live TDM OC Fall 2009
vsMap 1ScoreMap 2ScoreMap 3ScoreResult

Bloody WarriorsQZDM6191-87 QZDM7171-94 win

SoulQZDM14136-79 QZDM6188-126 win

Reignno show no show win

Pro LameQZDM6257-51 none win

QUIno show no show win

Kuh3liga TDM Summer Cup
vsMap 1ScoreMap 2ScoreMap 3ScoreResult

ReignQZDM6165-97 QZDM14112-71 win

e-violenceQZDM6138-111 QZDM7156-73 win

Virtual OwnersQZDM6128-142 QZDM6135-134 draw

Veni Vidi Vicino show no show win

Arm3DQZDM6158-193 QZDM6124-185 loss

ESL TDM Summer League
vsMap 1ScoreMap 2ScoreMap 3ScoreResult

nfinityQZDM6107-185 QZDM786-166 loss

e-violenceQZDM6113-115 QZDM7105-125 loss

Kremlno show no show win

7th ArtQZDM6168-119 QZDM6167-139 win

ClanBase Quake Live 4v4 TDM Spring/Summer 2009
vsMap 1ScoreMap 2ScoreMap 3ScoreResult

UndecidedQZDM6125-102 QZDM6147-101 win

SheepheadsQZDM20171-84 QZDM6150-81 win

Virtual OwnersQZDM6152-127 QZDM1481-80 win

Onisno show no show win

gr8no show no show win

ViruzQZDM6146-148 QZDM1473-111 loss

IonQZDM6148-101 QZDM14146-56 win

Games played: 59
wins: 31
defeats: 20