About Us
2K is a Quake III Arena / QuakeLive Team-DeathMatch Clan, which was formed by Yellack at the end of the year 2000 on Sega's Dreamcast Console. The Clan moved to PC Q3A in 2002, playing actively until 2007 and continued playing when QuakeLive was born in 2009.

2011 saw 2K teaming up with Reload and k1llsen, from ESC Gaming, to compete in the DreamHack Zotac 4v4 TDM Championship, where they finished up at a solid 4th place. Yellack and akm are also the authors of the well established map Purgatory and continued building maps which can be found here.
Michael 'Yellack' Schreiber - General Manager

Christopher 'axion' Koch - Assistant Manager

Gary 'akm' Turner - WebMaster

#2K.Clan @ QuakeNet IRC